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Headquartered in San Francisco, Watchpoint Logistics, Inc. has +35 years’ experience providing global logistics, warehouse, transportation services and data solutions with world-class customer service.

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Watchpoint Logistics is active in many programs giving back to the community each year.

Recently a group of Watchpoint employees volunteered in our annual day of reading to students at the 

Randall Elementary School, and donated over 1,000 books through our partnership with Books in Homes USA.


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Watchpoint Logistics Corporate Social Responsibility

Our core values drive us. We strive to exceed both employee and customer expectations by being an exemplary corporate neighbor wherever we live, work, and play.


What Corporate Social Responsibility looks like at Watchpoint Logistics, Inc.


At Watchpoint Logistics, Inc., we believe being a good corporate neighbor includes respect for the environment, care for employee wellbeing, and active support of needs in our community and our world.



  1. How does Watchpoint Logistics, Inc. support environmental sustainability?

    • We encourage work from home, whenever possible, to help reduce emissions.

    • Our office is essentially paperless, and we run our own recycling program to minimize our environmental footprint.

  2. How does Watchpoint Logistics, Inc. foster employee wellbeing?

    • We believe the following diversity culture statement sets the stage for a healthy workplace: “We welcome all [abilities, genders, nationalities, religions, races, sexual orientations] people.”

    • Additionally, our Wellness Coach app allows employees to access health and wellness support, whenever and wherever needed. The app provides sleep support, meditation practice, work outs, and optional counseling sessions.

    • Leadership builds wellness into corporate culture by focusing on a specific wellness topic each month. Education and fun employee challenges help ensure wellness is foundational to Watchpoint Logistics, Inc.’s employee culture.

  3. How does Watchpoint Logistics, Inc. serve its community?

    • Before COVID, our employees were encouraged to serve at St. Vincent’s South San Francisco, a local neighborhood soup kitchen.

    • Employees participate in local Annual Beach Cleanup campaigns.

    • The company has recently partnered with Martin Elementary School in south San Francisco, donating to help support the school via a silent auction and using student artwork for this year’s Watchpoint Logistics, Inc. calendar.

    • A portion of the money raised from our recent silent auction also provided support to a local family who has experienced financial hardship.

    • Reaching beyond our local neighborhood, we have provided pro-bono logistics support for Ruuska Village, an orphanage in Haiti started by Barbara Wander.




We are looking to expand our team and are interested in qualified and motivated candidates.


At Watchpoint Logistics, Inc., you will work alongside a small but highly experienced multidisciplinary family, where we value and respect all individual strengths and contributions. Our mission is to be the employer of choice, achieving world-class employee and customer satisfaction in the transportation and logistics industry. At Watchpoint Logistics we recognize that employee satisfaction and engagement is the driving force to successfully realizing our Company’s mission. In fact, we continuously rely on employee feedback to understand how to maximize our teams’ professional and personal growth. Every member of our team is a critical component at Watchpoint Logistics. Together we can tackle any challenge.


Are you ready to join a company with more than 35 years of industry experience and resources across the globe in custom logistics and data solutions?


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