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Watchpoint Logistics, Inc. and Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation partner with Books in Homes

Updated: Mar 23, 2022


Supporting Martin Elementary School in South San Francisco!

by Tyler Keene, Director of Partnerships, Books in Homes USA

Books In Homes USA is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting

children in under-resourced communities in literacy and beyond.

From Books In Homes USA Director of Partnerships, Tyler Keene:

We here at Books In Homes USA cannot thank Watchpoint Logistics, Inc and Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation enough for their incredible generosity.

Witnessing Watchpoint and Milagro’s commitment to children’s educational initiatives in California and beyond makes us so proud of our partnership.

Over the past very difficult year and a half Watchpoint and Milagro went above and beyond donating a combined fifteen thousand dollars in educational grants to children in under-resourced communities at Books In Homes USA locations.

We would like to highlight one school that is very special to these two wonderful organizations, Martin Elementary School in South San Francisco.

Martin was the recipient of two five-thousand-dollar grants so students could each receive free high-quality, brand-new books of their choosing and begin to build their very own home libraries. Martin is a school with a large population of children coming from under-resourced communities with high levels of poverty.

Martin’s over 400 students in grades K-5 were able to get educational materials at home despite COVID-19 setbacks thanks to Watchpoint & Milagro.

Martin Elementary School reading specialist Bridget Weaver wrote to us in March telling us, “This past week, Martin teachers came in to choose the books for each of their students. The teachers were thrilled with the selection of books the kids had to choose from and can’t wait for their students to get them!

We have two pick up days scheduled: March 19 and 26. That means our students will get their new books before Spring Break! We are still doing distance learning, so having real books in hand will be a welcome change to reading books on a computer screen. Our school is so grateful to our donors for making this project possible.”

Thank you Watchpoint Logistics, Inc and Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation for being strong childhood literary advocates and for understanding the importance of home library creation.

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