Community Event: Build A Bike Workshop >>

We run a team building event each year and include a tie to our community. This year we adopted the local elementary school and partnered with the principal to build bicycles for 40 kindergarteners and 1st graders.

After running through a few team building events we worked in teams to assemble the bikes and then had the kids and their families join us for a catered lunch. We then matched our team members with the kids and worked with them to fit and decorate their helmets. We then fit them on their bikes and had them practice in a course we set up for them.

The kids had a great meal and took home bikes, helmets and locks. Our team members had a great day and took home a larger heart. Going forward, we will stay connected with the school as we now have them lined up to receive a shipment of Books in Homes and we’re setting up a holiday luncheon for the teachers.

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