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Being A Global Neighbor: Coming Together In Times of Crisis

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Our hearts are with the civilians in Ukraine and the devastation they are presently facing. Although there are limitations to the ways we can help from overseas, our team at Watchpoint Logistics is honored to participate in our Wellness Coach Program’s “Walk for Peace” as both participants and as a co-sponsor.

The “Walk for Peace” is a 14 day step challenge that all co-sponsors will be contributing donations to GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund based on the total steps of each participant. Several of our team members are participating and are even in the top 10% of the total 772 participants, with our team member Shirley in first place. The team at Watchpoint aims to contribute toward raising $20,000.00 putting their best feet forward to cross 200 million steps in just 14 days. We are very grateful to our colleagues at Wellness Coach for hosting this fundraiser walk.

There is so much heaviness in the world today, it can feel hard to remain positive and continue prioritizing our personal well-being when we see what’s happening in the world. This is why events such as fundraisers and wellness challenges are needed now more than ever to bring people together and give them motivation to exercise and care for themselves in support of an important cause.

At Watchpoint Logistics, our model of business values employee satisfaction as our top priority and one of our core values is to be an exemplary corporate neighbor. In these ever-evolving times this extends to being an exemplary global neighbor as well. We are committed to providing opportunities for our team members to come together, prioritize self-care, and support humans in need around the world.

We are sending prayers of peace to Ukraine and are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive community in our team that comes together and gives back in times of need.

For more information on our “Walk for Peace” and GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, here is a link to Wellness Coach’s fundraising page for GlobalGiving: And, to learn more about Wellness Coach, visit their website:

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