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Improve tracking success

Real-time information for pin-point accuracy


The automated movement of data across the supply chain is just as important as moving inventory.   But to do this, the data must be integrated across and between systems.  At Watchpoint, we have a team of technology experts that leverage a full suite of API services to digitally connect data from global suppliers, and deliver real-time information to our clients.  And, the Watchpoint Platform integrates easily with ERP applications including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and Net Suite,  via standard EDIFACT/ANSI X.12, XML  and other proprietary formats.

Watchpoint Logistics Data Integration

Call us today to explore our data integration solutions. Our technology team will conduct a needs assessment and produce a custom work flow that the integration will support and enable.  

End to end visibility of order and shipment activity 24/7.  Now that’s the Watchpoint Advantage.

Watchpoint is also capable of interfacing with ERP applications such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Net Suite, etc. via standard EDIFACT/ANSI X.12, XML or any other proprietary formats.


Watchpoint’s approach to integration is no different than any other project we manage.  Our Technology Team will conduct a needs assessment, which will produce the work flow that the integration will support and enable.  

Watchpoint Logistics Data Integration

At Watchpoint, we believe the seamless movement of data is just as important as moving inventory in our customers supply chain.  Our technology experts help our data-driven customers integrate systems to automate processes in the supply chain.

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