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Supplying Humanitarian Aid to the Front Lines in Ukraine and to Refugees Worldwide.

Watchpoint's Role in Supplying Humanitarian Aid to the Front Lines in Ukraine and to Refugees Worldwide

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, more than 6 million people have fled the country, and over 1.7 million Ukrainians remain internally displaced. Sadly, the war shows no signs of slowing down, and with hard-hit cities on the frontlines desperately lacking food and medical supplies, the humanitarian crisis continues to grow.

Enter Watchpoint Logistics, Inc.. We believe it's our duty as global citizens to leverage our global logistics expertise to assist those facing conflict or natural disasters. Our next shipment of supplies departs soon for Ukraine, Pakistan, Jordan, and Bangladesh.

How Our Journey Began

It all started 15 years ago when Watchpoint's president Jay Bellin was introduced to a retired school teacher named Barbara Wander and learned of her tireless humanitarian efforts. Barbara volunteers with the Little Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus (an indigenous order of nuns founded by a Haitian woman and priest). The group operates 42 missions on the island, including schools, hospitals, orphanages, and professional centers for young people. Over the years, she gathered food, clothing, medical, and school supplies and traveled with them to Haiti.

When Jay met with Barbara and discovered that she was warehousing the supplies on her own dime as she stockpiled enough to ship, he sent one of Watchpoint's trucks that very same day - since then, the aid has been stored free of charge in a Watchpoint Logistics warehouse facility.

That was the beginning of a beautiful ongoing partnership. As supplies came into the facility over the years, Watchpoint 's team would organize, palletize and store the materials until there were enough to ship. On an ongoing basis, a Watchpoint truck was dispatched to Florida (all costs covered by Watchpoint). Where Food For The Poor would handle the final leg of the journey to Haiti. Once they arrived, the sisters would distribute the supplies throughout their network.

How Our Mission Recently Shifted

Sadly, due to the intensifying unrest that has gripped Haiti in recent years, Barbara has been unable to continue with shipping supplies and traveling to the island. However, she remains on the lookout for a safe opportunity and plans, with Watchpoint 's help, to resume the operation as soon as it's safe.

In the meantime, with supplies piling up, Jay's wife, Shelley Brown, sought a way to get the supplies to people who needed them. Shelley works with Carlos Santana's benevolent charity, The Milagro Foundation, which has long supported the Sisters of St. Therese. She hatched a plan with Utah-based international refugee aid and shipping logistics charity Lifting Hands International. The group routinely ships containers of aid supplies to refugees worldwide and agreed to send the much-needed supplies at Watchpoint to Ukraine, Pakistan, Jordan, and Bangladesh.

Over the years of working together, Watchpoint and Barbara's common bond in helping others became a lifelong friendship.

"Jay has done a fantastic job. I want people to know there are a whole lot of incredible entrepreneurs who are essential to humanitarian efforts worldwide and are out here every day helping contributing in ways beyond measure," Barbara told us. "We have to keep going and continue to give!"

We're Humbled to Be of Service

“We’re proud to be a part of Barbara’s mission to help those who need it most and we’re grateful for the opportunity to use our resources and expertise to make a difference,” says Jay. “We'll continue to do everything we can to support Barbara, Lifting Hands International, Food For The Poor, and Milagro Foundation's positive global impact on the lives of so many.”

If you'd like to assist Watchpoint logistics, Inc. with our efforts to support the refugees in Ukraine, Pakistan, Jordan, and Bangladesh, there's something you can do right now! Donate to Lifting Hands International to support their ongoing global efforts to provide aid and assistance to refugees. Together, we can make a difference. We're grateful for your support!

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