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Keep up to date with your compliance regulations



On-time transit gains can quickly vanish if your cargo is held up in customs.  Understanding the global, regional, national and local regulations to ensure compliance and mitigate penalties and other costs of non-compliance is a critical piece of the supply chain.  So at Watchpoint, we employ regional and district customs compliance managers and certified customs brokers to ensure smooth sailing end to end.

When you ship with Watchpoint, you have a team of experts that can help educate you on how to gain access to the U.S. Custom's ACE web-portal and a Periodic Monthly Statement to ensure you are up to date on the current and ever changing compliance regulations to avoid costly hold ups and improve cash flow.

Watchpoint Logistics Customs Compliance

Our comprehensive customs and compliance services include:

  • Electronic entry of imported goods

  • Clearing live entries

  • Assistance with ACH, PMS duty payments

  • Carnet, Temporary Import Bonds

  • Tariff classification advice

  • Local transport and deliveries

  • Landed cost reports 

  • Compliance consultancy services

Watchpoint Logistics Customs Compliance

Learn more about how Watchpoint can support your business.  Everything we do is focused on making our customers' lives easier and helping them to develop supply chain value for their own customers.

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