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Real-time information for pin-point accuracy for high-value shipments

Watchpoint Logistics PINit


Watchpoint Logistics PINit

PINit is a proprietary IOT device that digitizes the supply chain creating a real-time virtual ecosystem connecting shippers, drivers, carriers and consignees.   A global map lets customers watch the movement of their cargo and assets, and the Onpoint alerting system provides regular shipment updates and notifications.   Set up confirmations for departure and arrival status, as well as waypoint passage updates en-route.  Exception alerts flag issues that need attention including departure delays, early arrivals and shipment separations.   


Watchpoint Logistics LinQ

Tap the LynQ IoT device to see where your inventory is at any moment. With energy efficient, battery powered GPS, cell, sensors, and a global ISO standard radio network, you can track and monitor cartons, pallets, containers... just about any conveyance. 

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