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Stop juggling multiple providers

We're here to help


For 35 years, we’ve partnered with companies to be more than just their freight forwarder:  we’re proud to be a full business partner.  Our data driven technology solutions, combined with a robust portfolio of managed services, and a seasoned team of experts, enable us to remove complexity from the supply chain and deliver complete visibility to inventory in motion.

From end-to-end views across geographies, to full integration of all supply chain partners into a single technology ecosystem, we reduce complexity so you can focus on the business of running your business.


Our managed services include:

  • Claims processing

  • Documentation management 

  • Freight audit 

  • Carrier & contract management

  • Complete vendor management & supplier coordination

  • Synchronize logistic operations

  • Inventory visibility 

  • Continuous improvement programs

  • Measure performance 

  • Create & deploy integrated technology solutions​

Our team will optimize your supply chain by managing transactions and functions.  

Watchpoint Logistics 4PL & Managed Solutions
Watchpoint Logistics 4PL & Managed Solutions

Our team eliminates the struggle of juggling multiple providers in the supply chain by acting as your control tower and provide you with end-to-end visibility across geographies.  We integrate all your supply chain partners into one manageable ecosystem, allowing customers to focus on long-term strategic decisions.

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